Holiday Camp Leaders


We will be having our annual, combined leaders weekend with Teapot Valley on the 16th – 18th September this year.

Save the date, registration info will be out soon!


We are looking forward to two overnight camps during the October school holidays. We will have leaders and LITs arriving on the Sunday, then overnight campers arriving on Monday through to Friday, both weeks.

This camp, we will be shutting off leaders registrations at least a week before the holidays to allow time for us to put together a plan. Please register early to secure a spot at camp.


We have an LIT camp during the first week of camp in October, and our senior LIT programme in the second week (invite only, for those who will be leaders soon). Registrations will be open soon.

If registrations aren’t working for you, please try the following:

  • Using a laptop or desktop instead of a phone or tablet
  • Try different browsers
  • You need to create an account. If you are a parent registering a child, use your own name as the primary contact and add the camper/leader as an attendee. If you are a leader registering yourself, use your own details for primary contact and click “make primary contact an attendee”.
  • If you don’t receive any email after registration, you may not have completed the registration fully, or it has not come through. Try again or contact us.


We love having new leaders come through, so if you have never lead at camp before, check out the information below.

Leadership Pathway: LITApprenticeJunior LeaderSenior Leader
Our leadership programmes are very important to us and we put a lot of effort into them. We value giving young people opportunities to lead others and want to train them to do so in the best and most thorough way possible!
Our Leader in Training programme is all about what it means to be a leader, and learning skills to be a Bridge Valley leader! It mainly includes a lot of intensive sessions with our key leaders and staff, serving in many different ways, helping run the games, and doing team building activities. It is for ages 14+ and required to be completed before becoming a cabin apprentice. If you are over 16 and had leadership experience, you can enquire about leading at camp without completing LIT (email
LIT’s generally do multiple weeks of LIT before becoming an apprentice, and will be invited to do the apprentice programme.
The apprentice role is hands on experience with cabin leading. Apprentices will be placed in a cabin of campers with a senior cabin leader, and will learn off that leader all of the practical skills of leading a cabin! Apprentices may also join some LIT sessions throughout the week, and will have regular check ins from senior staff so they get the opportunity to ask questions, to learn, and to grow.
If you are attending camp as an apprentice, you must fill out a first time leaders application. This form is required for any first time leader so we can get all necessary paperwork before they arrive to lead at camp. It is important to fill this out well before camp, as it can take a long time to process the paperwork.
First time leaders: Leader Application Form
Once this form is filled out, wait to hear back from us before registering for camp.
Cabin Leader
Cabin leaders are responsible for a cabin of 6-8 campers throughout the week. If you are a new leader or have not lead at camp in a long time, it is important to fill out a first time leaders application form.
First time leaders: Leader Application Form
If you have lead at camp before, you still must register for camp each holidays. Please sign up for camp prior to the two weeks leading up to camp so that we can organise as much as we can in advance.