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Leadership Development Program’s

Bridge Valley has an extensive leadership development program, intentionally designed to assist in the growth of leadership within our communities young people.
Starting at the age of 13 years teenagers are able to enter into the BVIP course, from there they have the opportunity to enter the LIT program. These two programs have one key difference, BVIP is about personal leadership and how to lead yourself within the culture you live in. LIT is focused on developing leaders in their ability to lead others, including campers at holiday camps.

Bridge Valley is in the process of developing a week-long leadership program for groups based on the BVIP program. This program would run seamlessly alongside common group activities.

Sign up for LIT or BVIP on the ‘camps’ tab of our website.


BVIP is a four stage program, with one stage running over a weekend every term at Bridge Valley Adventure Centre.
BVIP is about building teenagers self-awareness. The intention is to help people become aware of their personal values and how they transpose them onto other people.
At the end of the program we expect people will have a greater ability to work in a team, as a team, to achieve a goal they (individually or as a team) determine worthy of their endeavors.
We at Bridge Valley believe this is a powerful program offered at a highly critical age to a generation of people who desire to see positive change happen in the world around them, they often just require the skills and self-belief to make it happen.

BVIP is offered to those 13 years and older.


LIT is primarily for those who are interested in becoming Holiday Camp leaders, however it is also a great program for those who desire leadership roles at schools, sports clubs and youth groups.
LIT is is about applying individuals skills to a cause greater than yourself. We ask LIT’s to serve during Holiday Camps in many different ways, from set-up help and game help to entertaining children.
We encourage skills like; reflection, personal development, journaling, Bible studying, running and organizing games.

Anyone who has completed BVIP is invited to join LIT, or if they’re 14 they can do LIT.
We recommend anyone who wants to be a Bridge Valley Leader do LIT as it is a perfect introduction into how Bridge Valley Holiday Camps run and gives you the skills needed to lead a cabin. It ensures that when you lead a cabin for the first time you have a positive experience.

The Changes

BV CREW has been upgraded into the weekend based BVIP program mentioned above. This is a year long program that finishes with a youth camp in December, where those who’ve completed the program will gain a certificate to add to their CV and School leadership applications.

L.I.T Has now been split into two key parts.
1 – IDP standing for Intentional Development Program. IDP is focused on the practical Leadership areas, such as; Serving, Motivation, Self Reflection.
2 – RDP standing for Relational Development Program. RDP is focused on the L.I.Ts relationships. During a week of RDP we look closely at How to lead relationally, How to develop healthy peer relationships, and key elements that will help an LIT translation into cabin leading when they are ready.

Junior Leaders now have their own support system, helping to ensure those who lead for the first, second or third time have all the support they need to not just survive a week as a leader but to totally enjoy it, giving it their best.

Please note these steps are not a ladder to a goal, rather a support structure to assist you, the leader in your personal development. Our goal is not to have lots of leaders its to develop leaders who keep learning and continue to grow beyond their time at Bridge Valley Adventure Centre.